3rd Annual Joint IAA/ACFE Tallahassee Joint Fraud Conference

As promised, here is more information regarding speakers and topics for the 3rd Annual Tallahassee ACFE / Tallahassee IIA Joint Fraud Conference title- MAINTAINING VIGILANCE, coming up October 21-22, 2019. The event will be held at FSU’s Turnbull Center, 555 West Pensacola Street in Tallahassee. Check-in and breakfast will begin at 7:30 AM, with the conference starting at 8:00.The event registration site will be open July 8 at 2:00 PM, so watch your emails and don’t miss this awesome event!!!!.

Day 1 TopicsWhat Hides in the Shadows: Preventing and Deterring Fraud- Bethmara Kessler
Too many times companies find themselves on the defense, investigating fraud after it occurs and the damage is done.  Fraud hides in the shadows and the best defense to prevent it from happening to your business is to have a solid offensive strategy that prevents and deters it. This session will shine a light on those shadows and help you be better positioned to reduce the risk that fraud poses to your organization.

Sustaining an Ethical Culture: It’s not Always Black and White– Bethmara Kessler
Most companies want to do the right thing when it comes to ethics.  It seems that it should be as easy as just telling everyone in the organization ‘always do the right thing. As we all know building an ethical culture is not that simple. This session will explore the dynamics of building and sustaining an ethical culture, especially in an environment where everything cannot always be black and white.

Honestly Dishonest (Ethics) – Kelly Paxton
Why do good people make bad decisions? This ethics presentation will change your ideas of how honest people behave. Using behavioral economics (think Dan Ariely and Richard Thaler), neuroscience, and videos this interactive presentation will have you rethinking what you thought you knew about people.

Catch Me If You Can- Today’s Pink Collar Crime – Kelly PaxtonEmbezzlement is the crime that every business owner, government agency, PTA, and youth sports league worries about. Protecting assets is a top priority. The loss of money is devastating. However, what is worse is the loss of time which is unrecoverable and the loss of trust which takes the biggest toll. When embezzlement happens it is often committed by a long- term, trusted employee. This topic will show you what to look for in your business to make sure your most trusted employee is not a Pink Collar Criminal.

Day 2 TopicThe New Psychology of Fraud– Dr. Toby Groves
The New Psychology of Fraud: This story-based audience favorite and will disrupt everything you thought you knew about fraud, including which tools are effective for detection and deterrence. Attendees will learn why many of our assumptions are flawed, why some of the most trusted investigative practices actually lead us off-course, and how auditors, investigators and others unwittingly assist fraud schemes. The session will address topics such as behavioral profiling, psychological assessments and other commonly used industry tools. Scientific research is combined with Toby’s first-hand accounts in this powerful talk that exposes myths and the dangers lurking in our assumptions related to this ever-growing threat.
Bethmara Kessler, CFE 
Bethmara Kessler is a Freelance Executive, Global Thought Leader and Speaker. Kessler is the former Head of Integrated Global Services for the Campbell Soup Company. Her career spans over 30 years in positions that include Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Audit Executive and Enterprise Risk Management Head. Her extensive experience also includes leadership roles in audit, risk management, information technology and corporate investigations in companies including EY, Avon Products, Nabisco, EMI Group, LBrands, The Fraud and Risk Advisory Group and Warner Music Group. Kessler is a faculty member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.  

Kelly A. Paxton, CFE, PI
Kelly Paxton has more than 13 years of law enforcement experience. Kelly is a Certified Fraud Examiner, Private Investigator and Social Media Intelligence Analyst. Ms. Paxton started her career in law enforcement as a Special Agent for US Customs Office of Investigations in 1993. Ms. Paxton was recruited by US Customs for her expertise in finance. She worked white collar fraud, money laundering and narcotics cases. She also was responsible for the district’s undercover operations and financial reporting of these operations. Kelly worked as a contract investigator doing over 1000 security background investigations for the Office of Personnel Management and Department of Homeland Security. Kelly has worked in the public and private sector. Her investigations include embezzlement, conflict of interest, intellectual property, Open Source Intelligence and fraud. Kelly is also the proud owner of pinkcollarcrime.com, a passion of hers about embezzlers in the workplace. 

Dr. Toby Groves
Toby is a social cognitive scientist, speaker and writer. He researches innovative thinking approaches that spark insight with a focus on higher-order critical thinking, problem solving and communications. He presents his unique content using vivid mental imagery and radically interactive exercises. His fascinating history spurred a lifelong research journey in advanced critical thinking and communications in expert environments. A popular speaker amongst leading organizations in industry, government, and academia, Toby works with experts that provide society’s most critical services including the audit, intelligence, investigative, legal and medical communities. Toby has a PhD in psychology, an MA in industrial-organizational psychology, and has training in a unique combination of forensic psychology and forensic accounting.

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  1. When will the registration link be provided for those who would like to attend. We sent your announcement to the AGA Tallahassee Chapter members and Ms Stephanie Jones is interested in attending. Her email is STJones@maconbibb.us if you would contact her to let her know.

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