Director – William R. Pace

Lieutenant Rob Pace Leon County Sheriff’s Office
Uniform Patrol Deputy, 1987-1990: Rob Pace completed the FTO Program and was assigned to the Uniform Patrol Bureau.
School Resource Officer, 1990-1993: Rob Pace transferred to the School Resource Officer Unit and was assigned to Raa Middle School. In addition to the law enforcement function, he provided educational programs and counseling referrals. He also served as an Explorer Advisor to the LCSO Explorer Post. Detective, Burglary Unit, 1993-1997: Rob Pace was promoted to Detective. He was assigned to the Burglary Unit.
Detective, Fraud Unit, 1997-2001: Rob Pace transferred to the Fraud Unit. The position required investigation of all types of fraud, economic crimes, and extortion cases.
Detective, Criminal Intelligence Unit, 2001-2003: Rob Pace was assigned to the Criminal Intelligence Unit. His duties included tracking Career Offenders, Sex Offenders and Predators, Criminal Street Gang Members, Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Members, Organized Crime Members, and DOC Releases. He also provided intelligence support for the Leon County Sheriff’s Office SWAT during tactical operations.
Sergeant, Intelligence Unit 2003-2005: Rob Pace conducted the same duties previously listed. He managed the process for the hire of the first LCSO Criminal Intelligence Analyst.
Domestic Security Task Force Agent, 2001-2006: Rob Pace was assigned to the North Florida Domestic Security Task Force at FDLE Tallahassee Regional Operations Center. As a task force agent, he was assigned counter-terrorism cases involving multiple jurisdictions. His duties also included conducting threat assessments of critical infrastructure in the region.
Immigration (INS/ICE) Task Force Agent, 2002-2006: Rob Pace was sent to the INS academy held at the University of Central Florida. Twenty two task force agents were selected for the six week program. Upon graduation he was assigned to an INS/ICE task force supervisor and conducted investigations related to immigration violations.
Sergeant, Homeland Security Unit, 2005-2006: Rob Pace transferred to the newly formed Homeland Security Unit to oversee Domestic Security Grant Funding for Region 2. He also supervised two detectives assigned to counter-terrorism investigations.
Sergeant, Financial Crimes Unit, 2006-2007: Rob Pace transferred to the Financial Crimes Unit to supervise seven detectives. The unit was also responsible for Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) investigations.
Sergeant, Traffic Homicide and Motor Unit, 2007-2008: Rob Pace transferred to the Traffic Unit. His responsibilities included the supervision of eight deputies who conducted traffic crash investigations, traffic homicide investigations, DUI enforcement, and wrecker allocation. This position also included the operational planning of all special events and unusual occurrences handled by the agency.
Sergeant, Uniform Patrol (FTEP Supervisor), 2008-2012: Upon assignment to Uniform Patrol, Rob Pace was designated as the Field Training Evaluation Program Supervisor. In addition to supervising the activities of the shift, he assisted the FTEP Commander and another FTEP Supervisor with the training process.
Sergeant, CFA Accreditation Manager and Internal Affairs, 2012- 2016: Rob Pace transferred to the Accreditation Manager position and assisted in the supervision of Internal Affairs.
Lieutenant, CFA Accreditation Manager and Internal Affairs, 2016-2017: Rob Pace promoted to Lieutenant. His job duties remained the same.
Lieutenant, CALEA Accreditation Manager and CFA Accreditation Manager, 2017 to present: The Leon County Sheriff’s Office was preparing to sign a contract with CALEA for law enforcement accreditation. Rob Pace was transferred out of the Internal Affairs role to support the accreditation process for CALEA and CFA.
Professional Organizations:
Lieutenant Pace has served as the President of the Big Bend Fraud Task Force and on the Board of Directors for the Tallahassee Chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Professional Designations:
General Instructor, 1991
Firearms Instructor, 1993
School Resource Officer Certification, 1993
Certified Fraud Examiner, 2002
Immigration and Naturalization Service Task Force Agent, 2002
Traffic Homicide Investigator, 2008
Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation Assessor, 2012
Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation Team Leader, 2015
Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation, Standards Review and Interpretation Committee Member, 2015

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